Here are some big league tips, for a big league lawn from head groundskeeper Rodger Bossard "The Sodfather" and John Deere.


For over 50 years, The Sodfather has been manicuring big league ball fields. This highly influential groundskeeper is in great demand throughout the majors. Now, he brings his expertise to you home field and lawn.



Timing is everything when it comes to watering your lawn. When water lays around during daylight hours, moisture and humidity make your lawn susceptible to disease. The optimal time to water is between 2 and 6 a.m. And don’t over water. Generally, you want to water your lawn with about 1 ½” to 2” per week. You can buy a gauge to determine how much you’re watering. Or, mark some plastic cups and mark them at the 1 ½” mark. Time how long it takes to reach that mark.

Big League Look

People love the look of a baseball field with a perfectly mowed pattern. It all has to do with how the grass is bent, affecting how the light hits it. The color of the grass changes tone based on how it’s bent. You can achieve the same look at home. First, make sure your blades are good and sharp. Then mow in one direction, then come back in the opposite direction directly next to are you just mowed. And to really up the effect, ask your John Deere dealer about their grass groomer striping kit.


Don’t bag and discard your clippings. Mulching returns valuable nutrients and organic matter to the soil and your nutrient hungry lawn. It also improves your soil’s water retention and as an added bonus, it can even help prevent weeds. They’re the natural way feed your lawn when you mow. So your lawn wins and so does Mother Nature. With mulching there’s less raking, lugging heavy lawn clippings and you can use of less synthetic fertilizers. Sounds like a win for you and Mother Nature.

Things to look for in a Tractor

Besides a deep deck and quarter-inch height adjustments, make sure your next mower has these features. Easy deck engagement, some can be awkward or stubborn. So try them out. Buy a machine with a bumper, everybody hits a tree and you don’t want to destroy the hood. Lawn tractors require service based on hourly usage. A built-in hour meter lets you know when it’s time for service and helps you greatly extend the life of the machine. And a convenient gas gauge is a feature you’ll come to appreciate.

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